Basmati Rice1121

Known to be the world’s most precious rice strain. It is one of the most treasured grains, and is grown only once a year in the Indo-Gangetic Plain beneath the Himalayan sub ranges. The fertile alluvial soil, fresh and cold air and the sweet water from the ranges contribute primarily to the unique characteristics associated with the grain. It is a remarkably long variety of rice and has a distinct aroma and discrete nutty taste. When cooked, the Basmati is longer, lighter and fluffier than standard white rice, and does not stick together.

Like Champaign of Champaign, Basmati also is geographically indexed to the northern region on the Indian Sub-continent, which includes Basmati growing areas in the states of Uttrakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, adjoining areas of Jammu, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.

Quite like wine, it gets better with age. We age Basmati from a minimum of one to two years, to enhance and intensify its taste, aroma and cooking characteristics. Under good conditions it keeps well for up to 10 years. Old rice cooks up fluffy, with separate grains and releases a pleasant aroma.

Basmati can be consumed in the multiple forms listed below. The consumption is typically based on recipe, eating habits, health needs and cultural geographical usage.

Forms of Basmati
Brown Rice White Rice Parboiled (Sella) Rice
Paddy is milled to get brown rice which has a nutritious brown layer. Brown Rice polished and the brand layer is removed to get white rice paddy is soaked in water, dried and then milled, thereby soaking the nutrients inside rice.
Creamy Golden

Basmati Rice 1121

The 1121 Sella Rice offered by us is widely acknowledged for its unique aroma and amazing taste. We provide high quality 1121 Sella Rice which is carefully nurtured and cultivated to retain its nutritional value. The 1121 Sella Rice available with us is rich in nutrition and has soft texture. Therefore it is perfect to be used in various types of cuisines for extravagant treats.

The length of the uncooked 1121 Basmati Rice recorded in the Limca Book of World Records (2008) is between 8.30 to 8.40mm. The Pusa 1121 Basmati Rice is also the first choice of the national as well as international clients due to the very extra long grain, aromatic fragrance and non-sticky after cooking.

Basmati rice 1121 is known for High quality, Easy cooking, High nutritional value, Soft texture, Usage in various cuisines

Basmati rice 1121 is Ideal for Mughlai Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Continental Cuisine

Available Qualities are
  • 1121 Basmati Rice – Steam
  • 1121 Basmati Rice – Parboiled(Sella) Creamy
  • 1121 Basmati Rice – Parboiled(Sella) Golden
General Specification of Basmati Rice 1121
Properties Limits
Color White
Average Grain Length 8.3MM
Average Grain Length Before Cooking 8.3MM
Moisture Max. 13%
Sortex Clean 100%
Broken Max. 2%
Discolor / Damage Max. 1%
Shelf Life 24 Month from Date of Packing

Facts on Basmati Rice 1121

Rice remains a staple food for the majority of the world’s population. Rice is very nutritious and contains large number of carbohydrates. Around two third of the world’s population rely on the nutritional benefits of the rice. The nutritional value of rice can be measured by the facts given below :

  • Excellent source of carbohydrates : Rice is a great source of complex carbohydrates, which is an important source of the fuel required for our body.
  • Good energy source : Carbohydrates are broken down to glucose, most of which are used as an important source of energy required for doing exercise. It is also an essential ingredient for brain.
  • Low fat, Low salt, No cholesterol : Rice is healthful for what it does not contain. Rice has no fat, no cholesterol and is sodium free. Rice is an excellent food to include in a balanced diet.
  • Good source of natural nutrients : A good source of vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, niacin, iron, riboflavin, vitamin D, calcium, and fiber.
  • Low sugar & No gluten : Rice is gluten free, which makes rice the essential choice for people with gluten free dietary requirements.
  • Free from additives and preservatives : Rice doesn’t contain any type of additives or preservatives, which makes it an effective inclusion in a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Contains resistant starch : Rice also contains resistant starch, which reaches the bowel undigested. This encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria, keeping the bowel healthy.
  • Non-allergenic & Cancer prevention : Whole grains (such as brown rice) contain high amounts of insoluble fiber-the type of fiber some scientists believe may help protect against a variety of cancers.
  • Rice is a low-sodium food for those with hypertension. It is a fair source of protein containing all eight amino acids.
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