Beans are a type of legume, along with peas and peanuts, that grow from flowering plants in the Fabaceae family. The beans are edible seeds that grow within pods from the plant, which are then harvested, dried, and sold for consumption. Beans are a nutritionally dense addition to your diet for their high protein and fiber content and abundance of essential vitamins and nutrients.

We sell different Types of beans

1. Black Beans

2. Pinto Beans

3. Chickpeas

4. Great Northern Beans

5. Cannellini Beans

6. Kidney Beans

7. Lentils


8. Lima Beans

9. Fava Beans


10. Mung Beans

11.Blacked Eye Beans

12. Cranberry Beans

13. Navy Beans

14. Red Beans

15. Pink Beans

16. Soybeans

17. Fayot Beans

18. Adzuki BeansAdzuki 
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